Lúminis, Tomás Saraceno and the Museum of Modern Arts of Buenos Aires

21 abril 2017

On the first days of April, Fundación Lúminis will sign an agreement with the Museum of Modern Arts of Buenos Aires for the elaboration of an educational video together with activities regarding the conference delivered by renowned artist Tomás Saraceno on Friday, April 7 at the Museum premises. The purpose of the agreement is to produce an audiovisual product which can serve as educational material in teacher training. In this sense, the educational activities which will accompany the video will be designed together with the Museum’s educational department.

Tomás Saraceno is an Argentinean architect who creates artistic pieces by linking knowledge and experience from architecture, biology, spatial exploring, astrophysics, and science fiction. With this combination in mind, his study and work with spiders in the construction of floating structures is remarkable.

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