Two former Fundación Lúminis scholarship holders elaborated a research document for UNICEF and OEI

27 julio 2016

Two former scholarship holders from our Teacher Trainer programs, Julia Coria and Verona Batiuk, have elaborated a research document for UNICEF and the Organization for Ibero American States (OEI, according to its Spanish acronym) on education at kindergarten level in Argentina. The document is named The Educational Opportunities at Kindergarten Level in Argentina. Contributions to improve the teaching job. In it, the authors show the results of a study carried out at kindergarten level between the years 2008 and 2011 in 67 schools from five Argentinean provinces. Such study centered its analysis on thought 12 on opinions, representations and practices of teachers on two priority issues set on the legislation and the curriculum, which are games and literacy.

You may access the book via this link

The Teacher Trainer scholarship program seeks, among its objectives, to contribute to the profesionalization of the educational community by promoting academic training and knowledege elaboration.

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