New scholarship holder cohort for our Teachers’ Trainers Scholarship Program

6 marzo 2015

Fundación Lúminis has already selected the applicants to the Teachers’ Trainers Scholarship Program and they have already gathered to sign the commitment letter.

The Teachers’ Trainers Scholarship Program seeks to improve quality and equity in education through training and the professional development of teachers in Argentina. For such purpose, it promotes the completion of postgraduate studies in Education, accredited by CONEAU, which are imparted in Argentinean universities of excellence.

Nine scholarship holders from different areas of the country have been selected for the 2014–2015 cohort. Some of them have even opted to attend their master’s degrees or specializations in virtual and semi-virtual modalities.

Name  University and postgraduate course Place of residence
Silvia María Carabetta Higher Diploma in Cultural Studies – Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO) Ituzaingó, Province of Buenos Aires
Marcos Abel Varettoni Master’s Degree in Education – Universidad Nacional de Quilmes Ayacucho, Province of Buenos Aires
Gabriela Isabel Baioni Master’s Degree in Education – Universidad de San Andrés José C. Paz, Province of Buenos Aires
Romina Gisel Luna Specialization in Reading, Writing and Education – Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) Coronel Baigorria, Province of Córdoba
Juan Martín Bragazzi Diploma and Specialization in Education and NEw Technologies – Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Capital Federal, Province of Buenos Aires
Lucila Elisa Verón Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Language and Literature – Universidad Nacional de Formosa in an agreement with the Universidad Nacional de Rosario Mburuncuyá, Province of Corrientes
Paula Verónica Pérez Master’s Degree in Linguistics Theory and Language Acquisition – Universidad Nacional de Rosario Villa Mercedes, Province of San Luis
Débora Cecilia Sponisa Specialization in Children’s Education– Universidad de Buenos Aires Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires
María Gómez Cruz Master’s Degree in Children’s Literature – Universidad Nacional de Rosario Villa Mercedes, Province of Chaco

We welcome and congratulate the new Fundación Lúminis scholarship holders. They have been selected, in part, for their academic excellency, their involvement with teachers training and the future impact they will have in the educational system once they will have obtained their postgraduate degrees.