Lúminis takes part in CABA’s First Action Plan in the Open Government Partnership

26 septiembre 2016

In the framework of the Open Data on Education project, Fundación Lúminis took part in the two meetings (August 22 and September 23) at the workspace created by the City of Buenos Aires, the Open Government Partnership project, organized by Institutional Quality Office from the Vice Secretary of Strategic Management and Institutional Quality which depends on the General Secretary of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The aim of this participation is to provide a contribution to the process of co-creation of the First Action Plan of the City of Buenos Aires in the Open Government Partnership (OGP). OGP is a global initiative from more than 70 countries which promote government transparency, participation and innovation through the use of new technologies and permanent dialogue with the civil society. In October 2015, OGP launched an open call for the Subnational Government Pilot Program. The City of Buenos Aires is part of the group of 15 cities which were selected for such program in April this year.

In this space, Fundación Lúminis provides contributions regarding desirable practices of data and information release by organisms in the educational area, as well as proposals for collaboration in the management of educational data.

The data sets obtained so far from different organisms of the educational area of the City of Buenos Aires and the National State are published in the Open Data on Education project website section.