Lúminis, GDFE and the Argentinean Ministry of Social Development

31 agosto 2016

Last Monday, August 29, Fundación Lúminis took part, as a member of the Grupo de Fundaciones y Empresas (GDFE) (Foundations and Corporations Group), in a meeting organized by the Argentinean Ministry of Social Development, through the Vice Secretary of Social Responsibility. The purpose of the meeting was to attend the presentation of an interventional project in isolated populations of the Argentinean north-western area which is promoted by the aforementioned ministry. Its aim is to integrate those towns in order to obtain benefits related to social, educational, sanitary and productive development, by means of a novel execution model based on principles of Public-Private Participation and of Payment by Results. The objective set forth by GDFR was to evaluate joint lines of work.

The meeting was held at the Grupo Sancor Seguros headquarters and was attended by the Vice Secretary of Social Responsibility, Victoria Morales Gorleri.