Fundación Lúminis + Fundación El Libro + Banco Galicia introduce “Entre Comillas”

28 mayo 2014

Fundación Lúminis, Fundación El Libro and Banco Galicia introduce, within the framework of the 2013 Book Fair, a new project: “Entre Comillas”. The project entails a microsite which compiles 10 pedagogical videos of the talks which have been delivered by outstanding authors during the Conferences and Symposiums for teachers which took place during the pedagogical week prior to the Book Fair.

The conferences for teachers which took place during the 2013 Book Fair counted on the participation of leading authors, such as Josefina Semillán de Dartiguelongue, Mempo Giardinelli, José Contreras Domingo, Omar Tobío and Carlos Skliar. With the purpose of recording the activities of some of the speakers, Fundación Lúminis, together with Fundación El Libro and Banco Galicia, took part in the recording and edition of 10 videos and Pedagogical Guides which will be gradually uploaded to the Entre Comillas microsite and to our website.

The exceptional edition of the videos allows to watch a summary of each talk in 20 minutes. Moreover, the Pedagogical Guides which accompany each video purport to enable each higher-level-education teacher to use them with their peers or students.