Fundación Lúminis attends second “Compromise for Education” summit

16 enero 2017

Last Friday, October 25, the second work meeting in the framework of the Commitment for Education project was held at the premises of the Professional Counsel for Economic Sciences, organized by the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Argentinean Republic.

We took part in the work table centered in the Teacher training in learning content and practices theme, together with authorities belonging to the educational area of the province of Buenos Aires, from the Instituto Nacional de Formación Docente, from the Universidad Católica Argentina, from UDOCBA, Microsoft and several NGOs, teachers, school headmasters and supervisors.

The work session centered on the debate on the needs and problems identified on this issue in the previous meeting, for later thinking and elaborating outstanding solutions.

The participants discussed each proposal and execution in detail and expanding on feasible alternatives for their implementation, in pursue of a third meeting in 2017.