Fundación Lúminis at the 2013 Data Fest

28 mayo 2014

We have inaugurated a workspace on education at the web data mining meeting.

The web data mining festival, organized by La Nación Data and Universidad Austral, took place on November 1 and 2. This kind of events (see what is a datafest) is focused on the search for databases on the web about certain topics, in order to later build lines of investigation, mainly journalistic, and digital applications which depict a way of representing such information and/or the provision of a service. In this sense, typical topics include, among others, public expense, the environment, transport, energy and justice. At Fundación Lúminis, we have proposed to open a workspace dedicated to the area of Education. With this objective in mind, Gabriel Latorre, responsible for the Communication area and the Citizenship Construction program, provided assistance, due to the fact that it in such two areas where Fundación Lúminis has established a project about the building of an open data portal about education in Argentina. This project implied that, in agreement with the organizers, a work table on education was installed, in which educational data from the Argentinean Ministry of Education, provided by the National State Public Data Portal was gathered. Programmers Juan Salas and Oscar Piñeiro participated in such table, with whom datasets were processed in order to develop an analysis principle of the relationship between the national investment on education and the promotion, reattendance and dropout rates of primary and secondary educational institutions during the years 2003 to 2009. Later, Marcos Orteu, from the Fundación Lúminis team, provided insights on the exchange of data on inflation indicators. The datasets which were used were the following:

The result of the analysis work with the data may be seen at: Fundación Lúminis at the data fest Work on other topics may be seen at the datafest blog.