#EducationFirst: Introducing Document “No Future Without Education / Future Depends on Education”

17 abril 2019

On Wednesday, April 3 in the morning, the Jorge Luis Borges Auditorium of the Buenos Aires National Library, filled with people, the introduction of document “No Future Without Education / Future Depends on Education” took place. This document presents analyses and suggestions of civil society Primero Educación’s organizations platform.

During the event, the speakers were Ana Julia Rosales (Primero Educación), Miguel Blanco (from the Foro de

Convergencia Empresarial) and Mariano Narodowski (from Universidad Torcuato Di tella), and coordinated by Marcos Orteu.

As expressed by Ana Julia Rosales, in charge of the its introduction, the document faces the challenge of establishing education as “priority in Argentina”. “It highlights collaboration between the school, the family and the community as the driving force to transform education,” and proposes real action lines, such as “prioritizing the most vulnerable environments, accompanying educational careers, and modifying the school curriculum to include strategies for studying, socio-emotional skills, vocational orientation, and digital literacy.”

Special guests Blanco and Narodowski highlighted the initiative, celebrated the accomplishment that 34 civil society organizations have agreed on common grounds and offered them to be discussed, and contributed with their ideas on the main concepts introduced by the document.

We believe that education should be a relevant topic in the Argentine public discussion. We hereby introduce this document in order to facilitate this focused, productive debate on our country’s education.

About Primero Educación: we are a platform composed of 34 educational and social organizations from Argentina’s civil society. Our work purports to favor education, supporting the elaboration and implementation of educational public policies by means of field research and real implementation proposals. We aim at a more equal education, further integrated to their communities, and a more professional one.

To access the document: www.primeroeducacion.org.ar