Interview to Silvina Gvirtz. ICTs inclusion in the Conectar Igualdad Program. Balance, impact and projects. Educational news bulletin N°56

22 noviembre 2015 | | |

Fundación Lúminis interviewed Silvina Gvirtz, PhD in Education and General Executive Director of the Conectar Igualdad Program in the ANSES (Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social, Argentine Social Security Administration.) We discussed the different organizational management aspects of the program, the pedagogical impact since it was implemented and the incorporation of programming as a transversal …

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Interview to Alejandro Artopoulos. The Internet and education. Educational News Bulletin No. 55

21 noviembre 2015 | | |

In the bulletin of July we carried out and interview to Magister Alejandro Artopoulos, specialist in the relationship between information technologies and communication and education. This time, we discussed the incorporation of the Internet in educational practices inside and outside the classroom. In that sense, we came up with the topic of virtual settings and …

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Education and Autonomy: Literacy in Reading and Data Interpretation and programming training.

26 mayo 2015 | | |

In a TEDx conference entitled “Ecología de las Interfaces (Interfaces Ecology)”, Carlos A. Scolari historically develops the interface concept and proposes using it further to its instrumental sense of utility between an individual and the technological object, since he proposes it as a concept – a metaphor to see and think of some society dimensions. …

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