Interview to Diana Mazza. Clinical perspective in education.Educational News Bulletin Nr. 60

23 noviembre 2015 | , | | ,

In this bulletin, we go deeper into the school of clinical perspective in education; a school based on psychology that is focused on the emotional processes involved both in the teacher-student relationship and in the relation with the object of knowledge. To this purpose, we have interviewed Dr Diana Mazza, who introduces us into the theoretical …

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Education and Autonomy: Literacy in Reading and Data Interpretation and programming training.

26 mayo 2015 | | |

In a TEDx conference entitled “Ecología de las Interfaces (Interfaces Ecology)”, Carlos A. Scolari historically develops the interface concept and proposes using it further to its instrumental sense of utility between an individual and the technological object, since he proposes it as a concept – a metaphor to see and think of some society dimensions. …

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